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Frontline Officer... Are you Ready?

Are you ready to learn how to completely take charge of your mental health, increase energy, reduce the effect upper management has and wake up each day with the excitement you had on day one of your frontline career?

If that’s a “hell yes,” then welcome to Create From WHY! This coaching experience with Chris Chandler-Yates, burnout prevention and performance coach, will provide you with all the tools you need to set boundaries, rewrite old programming and regain control in your life.

The next level of your life begins here!

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Hi there! Chris here…

If you’re anything like me, which I have a feeling you are, you get inspired by watching other people live life on their terms, with the freedom to enjoy their time because they’re aligned in their purpose and able to prioritise what’s most important to them. But at the same time, it can feel like “I wish I had what they had, or I wish i felt like they understood!”

If either of these are you, you’re in the right place.You have big visions of HELPING people, like you can achieve everything you need to each day, yet still have the FREEDOM to enjoy what’s important, like your family and the things that bring you joy outside work. If you get these things in place, you’ll be able to start living the life you truly desire… but it can feel overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, right? Until now!

This is exactly why I created the Create From WHY for high achieving frontline Officer, who are ready to stop stressing about all the tasks they need to achieve each day, in order to reduce burnout and the effects of PTSD!

There’s a reason you’ve found my page;

are you ready to take the next steps and take action?

Through my proven strategies that I learned after experiencing burnout myself, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world. When we have the tools to identify what truly drives us, our lives can improve dramatically. That is why I have a core learning as the foundation for everything inside Create from WHY.

The truth is: burnout is completely avoidable. When we have the tools, strategies and understanding about why we operate the way we do, burnout becomes a thing of the past and instead you have a life that is aligned and has you performing at the highest level.

This is why I’ve created Create from WHY, because I want to teach you how every area of your life affects your ability to be productive. Once you join and dive into the course, you’ll be saying ‘I wish I’d found this sooner!’

Within Create from WHY, you’ll find actionable steps - along with a support structure and accountability - so that you can easily apply what you learn to your life and see RESULTS… fast! After all, if what you’ve been doing until now hasn’t got you to where you want to be, it’s time for something different!

That’s where Create from WHY comes in. Are you ready to understand what’s truly important in your life, find the things that are blocking you from taking the necessary action to evolve, grow and make life even better than it already is? If so, read on and book your introduction call today!


Identify your Purpose i.e
the 'WHY'

Think of the last time you where in the groove, things flowed and felt effortless. In this moment you subconsciously where running from your 'WHY' and we're going to find that

Identify what's holding you back

We all have those things we do; self sabotage, confidence struggles or self doubt. When we identify the cause of these thoughts and pull them out by the root, they begin working for us not against us.

Strategy to continual motivation

If you find yourself continually going through major ups and downs in your motivation, it's not because you loose motivation, it's because of a struggle in direction. We need to find that direction and create the plan to get there!

Plan your road map

To become Productive AF you have to have a plan. This plan is created from your 'WHY', overcomes your road blocks and keeps you more motivated to succeed in life than you've ever experienced before.

Who Create from WHY is for

If you're Frontline Officer who:

+ Is ready to feel like you’re in control, can achieve what is asked of you each day, whilst still having the freedom to enjoy your role… plus learning not to burnout

+ Wants to keep live from purpose and spring out of bed each day with the excitement of how you felt on day one

+ Wants a one-stop shop, where they learn how to ensure they don’t return to their old patterns, while being willing to unpack why they do what they do

+ Wants to dive into topics like mental wellbeing, self care and previous trauma in order to clear blocks

+ Wants a group of like minded individuals to help keep them accountable, to build new networks of like-minded humans & is ready to remove any limiting beliefs to take their life to the next level

Then Create from WHY is for YOU so book your introduction call today!

Talk NOW!


Finding why you truly do what you do - not the surface level

Why your mental state matters

Taking care of yourself, including health and wellness

Key relationships and their importance

Using productivity to reduce burnout

Creating more joy and freedom

On Your Call

Discover | Find Your Motivators | Create More Financials


In this session, I get to discover more about you and why you think the way you do. This is important because the very essence of the things you do everyday lie in deepest parts of your subconscious.

Find your Motivators

The next step is to work through what is actually preventing from having more freedom and time so we can then give you more time and motivation.

Create the Plan

This is the step we take you through the plan driven from your motivators so you burnout less, are able to have even greater productivity and create the greatest success so change motivations to determination.

What people are saying

Just a regular New Zealand guy, who's become a better partner.

Dillan A.

"Thank you, Chris, for all you have done, do and continue to do. You have helped set me up for my new career and I feel more prepared than ever, working on bringing the best package or version of myself to college and beyond."

Ashleigh M.

Religious trauma coach able to go deeper to inspire other greater and take even further action.

Stevie Noah