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Come searching. Leave full-filled

We all get to a time in our lives when we feel drained, with no energy or excitement, and are left asking “What’s going on?” We don’t know where to go to get the enthusiasm and passion back. We feel frustrated, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, purposeless, and isolated. We think that if just one thing would happen, we would be happy again.

After experiencing extreme burnout during my career as a Police Officer, I learned that riding a motorcycle through nature and connecting with others, allowed me to not just have fun, but also put me in a powerful mindset to create another version of myself. Through the Lean Into It experience, you’ll GET to break through your barriers and the monotony of everyday normal life. You GET to have deep conversations about life and find the things within your mindset, that may be holding you back. You’ll RECEIVE a reboot in your hardwiring and return to your family, career, and life, refreshed, rejuvenated, and replenished in your confidence.

This is not just a motorcycle tour of New Zealand to experience the scenery and the Burt Monroe Challenge. Although that’s a part of it, this is an experience to have fun, build deeper camaradery and grow as a person. So you can take charge of what is most important and stay fulfilled for years to come.

Let me, this experience, and the amazing first responders and business professionals who are part of it be the catalyst for you to show back up in your life with intention and as the excited and passionate person, you are. By stepping into who you are meant to be, this experience will provide growth for your mind, body, and soul.

Lean Into It Experience

Note: This is a mostly-inclusive experience. Once you arrive in Blenheim, lodging, routing, and event tickets are all provided by this VIP experience. Food and petrol are at your cost. All you have to do is turn up with your bike, gear, and a good attitude for the two weeks.

February 5-15, 2023

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  • Building your Team

    • Bonding with like-minded people and having real conversations

    • Being able to open up and experience your own true self

    • Creating comradery and a bond that’s been lost in the world, with like-minded individuals that are on your same journey of self-growth

    • Network with people outside your industry, proximity is key and you never know what opportunity will arise

    Fun Shit

    • Ride some of New Zealand’s most beautiful South Island roads

    • Hit every large pass in the South Island of New Zealand

    • See and swim in pristine blue water rivers and lakes

    • Experience multi-day motorcycle touring

    • See motorcycles clock over 200km on the beach

    • Experience the full experience of the Burt Monroe Challenge Motorcycle rally

    • Get up close and personal with the world’s fastest Indian motorcycle itself


    • Build a deeper level of trust in yourself and others

    • Create long-term bonds with amazing men and women

    • Own your authentic self by having meaningful conversations

    • Learn to lower your walls

    • Learn the tools to reclaim your passion and purpose of life fully

    • Gain skills to keep your emotional and physical tank full all year round

    Where the Road overcomes Burnout

    The Lean Into It experience is truly one of a kind. We have curated this container to allow you the space and time to break from your obligations, bond with others, and experience and learn something that isn’t available anywhere else.

    Across New Zealand’s South Island, we’ll be staying at a variety of hotels to get the full experience of what New Zealand has to offer. There may be times when you’ll share a room with your fellow riders. This enhances the experience and bonds you will form. (rooms will be same sex). This event will not only provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it will also give you skills to bring back to your career and life. The amazing part is all logistics are taken care of so you can sit back, relax, enjoy the ride and enjoy the experiences of the open road.

    As I believe in supporting others who are doing great things in this world, a portion of the proceeds from EVERY rider will go to supporting first responders’ mental health with a donation to Te Kiwi Maia.

    The Lean Into It Experience Itinerary

    Specific Itinerary to be announced.

    Day one will be meeting in Blenheim NZ at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. 12 days later we will finish in Blenheim NZ.

    Ready To Have Fun and Change Your Life Forever?

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