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  • To help police officers fight burnout

  • To help police officers find purpose

  • To help police officers get the 'first day' feeling back and have it EVERY day

  • Did you know that police officers are at the highest risk for suicide, than any other profession?*

    Who is Chris Chandler-Yates

    I grew up in California, USA and at the age of 13, my parents decided to take my brother and me and sail around the world for five years. We eventually ended up in New Zealand (Auckland is where I now call home) and I thought a career in the NZ Police was what I was cut out for. I wanted to make the world a better place.

    18 months into the job, a fellow constable was assaulted on the job and I went to multiple suicides where I had to inform their family members, all in a short amount of time. This was when I began to lose touch with myself, my emotions and everything I thought I’d gone into this job for. Instead of making the world a better place, I couldn’t even understand my own world and what was happening to me.

    What developed was a burning desire to run away from everything and everyone I held close, burnt out with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and paranoia. My mental state kept me barely existing and the job I had so desired and loved had literally made me sick. This was now going on seven years into the job. I realized I had to make a change and sought out the answers to get myself performing and living life on my terms again.

    Through the help and connection of a tribe, I quickly recognized how powerful it is to develop and truly understand yourself and who you indeed are under all the masks. Only then can you be effective and perform at a level where you are creating a fulfilling life at every turn. Through hours of coaching, science-based studying, personal development, and research not only on myself but with others, I now have a proven method to understand what happiness and health truly look like.

    Let me show you how peak performance comes through being a master of your physical and mental self. Create a life where you can help others, be a better leader, and be fulfilled no matter what your journey. Being prepared for what the future can throw at you physically and emotionally allows you to stay in the moment and enjoy every day to its fullest. Let me give you the knowledge and let's create that future of your dreams.

    The Problem Policing is Having

    Burnout is one of the key causes of Police Officers either doing something unexpected on the job, or leaving the job altogether.

    Learn what we have to offer in this short video.

      John Violanti, a professor of epidemiology and environmental health at the University of Buffalo study showed at least a 30% PTSD increase from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021.

      A University of Nebraska-Omaha and University of Utah study, showed a 280% increase in resignations between 2016 - 2021.

      A 2019 study by the University of Texas at Dallas found that 26% of police officers screened positive for mental health conditions, such as burnout, anxiety, depression or PTSD

      A 2021 Portuguese study showed a direct correlation between burnout and officers leaving the job.

      A 2005 US D.O.J journal has research that shows police officers that are burnt out have an increased likelihood of use of force.

      A University of Nebraska-Omaha and University of Utah study, showed a 280% increase in resignations between 2016 - 2021.


    (and what's in it for you if you solve the problem)

  • PTSD, burnout, depression.& anxiety are costing the US $232.2 billion a year. (American Psychological Association, Jan 23)

  • A Washington Post investigation uncovered that more than $1.5 billion was spent between 2010 - 2019 settling claims of police misconduct.

  • The average cost to train an officer from recruitment to certification is on average $100,000. (Dr William Lewinski, Michael Albin Force Science News)

  • Did you know that police officers are at the highest risk for suicide, than any other profession?*



    Now imagine being able to retain those staff, have positive morale within your teams and save your department hundreds of thousands of dollars a year...


    26% of officers screened in 2019 had burnout, PTSD, depression or anxiety


    A 2021 Portuguese study shows a direct correlation between burnout and officers leaving the job

    therefore we can conservatively estimate

    2 - 3 officers in every 10 are leaving the job due to poor mental health


    COST TO YOU of $200,000 - $300,000 a year (at least)

    The Goal is not to wait till Officers required the ambulance but instead catch them before they fall.

    My Solution

    By implementing the 'Rise - Who am I if not...' training programme, your officers will learn who they are, beyond their career in the Police. By having a better understanding of who they are as an individual, they will in turn perform better at work. With regular engagement in the training and ongoing implementation, the chance of burnout and ultimately depression and anxiety are significantly reduced. This helps with ensuring you have;

    • A more engaged Police Force

    • Less officer-related complaints

    • Officers willing to ask for help when needed

    • Better home life, causing better work life

    • Increased compassion, creating better community engagement

    • A focused Police Force

    • Reduction in likelihood of PTSD

    • Incredible reduction of burnt out Officers

    • Officers with more energy and better health

    • Reduction in sick days

    My Process to the Solution

    By running a self learning and in person combined structure the following becomes a habit giving officers a foundation to build off for the entirety of their career.


    Help the officer to understand that their job and how they are feeling is not who they are.

    • Where are you now physically and mentally? 

    • Your vision for yourself

    • Officers willing to ask for help when needed

    • Your needs

    • Creating the ultimate self (The Badge of Life)

    The Why behind their Mission

    To overcome and prevent future burnout, one must understand who they are at their core and what drives them.

    • Seven steps to your why

    • Your mission statement

    • Identifying what's most important?

    • Identifying what's least important?


    Provide the officer with tools and techniques that will ensure future clarity, better engagement and productivity.

    • Your mission statement rules around your current self

    • Your mission statement rules away from your current role

    • Your best questions

    • Leading yourself forward

    Eliminating burnout is the only way to stop losing Police Officers

    To Discuss Further 

    To discuss options of running training in your department or with your team enter details below and book a time for a conversation.