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I help Police Officers take charge of their mental health.

Teaching Police mental wellness strategies at the start of the career to reduce burnout and PTSD.

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Hi there! Chris here…

I am an American-Kiwi, born in Redding, California, and arrived in NZ in 2004. I joined the NZ Police in 2011 and after a seven-year career, during which time I protected The Rt Hon Sir John Key (New Zealand's Prime Minister), I experienced severe burnout and PTSD that caused Me to leave the job I once loved. I have dedicated my life to growing and helping the next generation of officers never experience what I did. I have done my Master's in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching courses. I teach and guide you not from a textbook but from real-life practical experience and learnings.

If you’re anything like me, which I have a feeling you are, you want to join the police to make a massive difference for your community and the people in it. You wish to stop the harm that maybe you have experienced or seen firsthand.

If this is true then you, just like I was, will be a great and impactful Police Officer. The struggle here is as great a driver as this is it can become very draining to your soul. What Police training does not teach you is there are alot of people out there that will continue to do the opposite and will continue to show you the dark side of the community

Without a strong solid foundation of staying focused, this becomes overwhelming for the strongest of officers. I know as I was one of them. I went out to change the world and within just a few short years was already looking at the world differently. Seeing how everyone had a dark side and no one could be trusted. Within just 5 years the world went from a bright place to a place where everyone had an agenda and was not trustworthy. Almost destroying my relationship and my whole life I had to leave to understand a few simple things.

From these learnings since leaving in 2018 many programs helping over 600 future Police Officers have come about. From the 12 Week Police Fitness course, Mastering Police Life, Police Fitness Prep and Who am I if not…, the common idea is to set you the Police recruit up to never burn out or suffer from PTSD by looking after yourself and truly going home at the end of the day. The plan is to teach you everything you need to know before you fall off the cliff and need an ambulance at the bottom. This allows you to have 20-plus years in policing loving it like it was day one even after 20 years.

If any of this sounds like you and what you want, you’re in the right place. but it can feel overwhelming and you might not know where to start, right? Until now!

This is why Create from WHY and Knocking Demon was created.

The Problem Policing Has

Burnout is one of the key causes of Police Officers either doing something unexpected on the job, or leaving the job altogether.

John Violanti, a professor of epidemiology and environmental health at the University of Buffalo study showed at least a 30% PTSD increase from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021.

A University of Nebraska-Omaha and University of Utah study, showed a 280% increase in resignations between 2016 - 2021.

A 2019 study by the University of Texas at Dallas found that 26% of police officers screened positive for mental health conditions, such as burnout, anxiety, depression or PTSD.

More Police in the United States of America take their own lives than are killed in the line of duty annually.

A study out of New York state showed Police see 18x as much trauma in their first 12 months of work than a civilian will in their entire life.

My Solution to the Problem

Police Fitness Prep

Learn what over 600 recruits have through the Police Fitness Prep course by Knocking Demon Fitness. Learn how its not just your physical actions but also your mental mindset that puts you in the top 2%.

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Department Trainings

By implementing the Who am I if not... department level training the mental wellness bar is raised.

The first two years is the most impactful. this is why our training runs during this time to set new officers up with a solid foundation to grow from under any circumstances.

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1-1 Coaching

As a coach my job is not to tell you what is right or wrong but to guide you to your next level. My job is to take my learnings and experience to identify places of growth and ask the right questions to get you there.

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